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Buy Coinpayments Verified Account

You can now purchase fully verified Bitpay accounts to use towards your goals. Just place an order and we will create the account on our end once you’ve made payment. Replacement is free in case of problems so don’t worry! Buy yours today before they’re gone!


Make your Bitcoin and Altcoin purchases quick, easy, and secure with Besthyiptemplate. We deliver top-class verified accounts for Coinpayments that come from Europe to North America. Our cheap prices are valid in all countries worldwide!


Coinpayments is a coin-based payment process that allows you to transact easily. You can use LTC, BTC, and other coins through it with ease. It gives more usability as compared to standard accounts because of its multi-transaction capabilities across the world in different currencies – making Coinpayments an attractive option for those who prefer transactions via cryptocurrency. To get the best benefits from your account, however, there are certain things you have to do: set up two-factor authentication (2FA), backup all wallet files regularly on secure media, ensure regular security scans by third parties
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Terms of Sale:
1. Account comes with member ID, password, and E-mail
2. Documents for verification are not included (we can discuss the additional price for documents)
3. If you intend to purchase a large amount we’re ready to offer good discounts.

I can provide you with fully verified CoinPayments accounts. You will receive login information for all of them along with the purchase. I won’t let anything slip through, so if any identity verification is needed in future transactions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help out again!


Is CoinPayments safe?

The fact that it supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies makes a positive impression. But, you need to pay extra for the security features and this is not ideal if your purpose with cryptocurrency is just online shopping/transactions.

How do you get a verified Coinpayments account?

Verifying your Coinpayments account is required if you want to withdraw funds, or create invoices. You can verify it by submitting the proper documents on their website – otherwise, you’ll have to buy them from Besthyiptemplate at affordable prices.

How do you know if your Coinpayments account is verified?

Once you receive a fund on your account, it is important to verify that the details added are correct. You can do this by verifying if “Your Account Is Verified” appears at the top of your profile under “Account Info.”

How do You use CoinPayments Verified Account?

In the wake of getting a CoinPayments Verified Account, you can utilize your record as a fundamental one. Only log in to your records and begin getting and sending reserves. The exchanges and crypto installments will be managed with no problem.

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