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buyaccountzone.com takes your privacy seriously

You know the feeling when you’re shopping online and after a few purchases, all of your personal information is shared? We at Online Data Storage believe in privacy. That’s why we abide by strict guidelines to store our clients’ data safely without ever sharing it with anyone outside our company or with their permission. Thousands of satisfied customers around the world have stored their private documents on us for years now–you’ll be one too!

It’s not as though your personal information is shared with any third party for the sake of storing it. Your archive data will be stored in a very careful manner, which you can trust me on without hesitation or worry.

If you’re reading this, then we can assume that browser cookies are enabled in your settings. As a website owner, it’s important to know how many folks have disabled them for security reasons or because they just don’t like the idea of someone tracking what they do on the internet. We’ve found some interesting stats about those who abstain from cookie use:

We store your payment information for future reference and to be able to contact you if necessary. To protect your personal data, we will only share it with the processor of a transaction that is completed.

We have the legal right to share your personal information with government authorities if illegal acts are being committed on our website. We will only do so for stolen credit card payments we receive, which is why you should contact us immediately if it happens from here!

We’re legally obligated by law to report any fraud that comes across our site. However, this obligation can only be applied in regards of a stolen payment made through fraudulent means and not due to an error or misunderstanding like sending money incorrectly without going through full checkout process first – please let one of us know ASAP whenever something like that does happen as soon as possible because otherwise there’s nothing we could really do about it when no authorization was given nor consent was taken ahead beforehand before completing the transaction altogether successfully.

Any illegal act or regulation and law violation is a serious matter, which is why we do not share any information unless there’s one of these.

We want to make sure that we are always using your personal information in the best way possible. That’s why, if you give us permission to share it for testimonials and reviews on our website – only under certain circumstances where there is no negative showcase of any kind- then we can guarantee that everything will be kept private from start until the finish with a strict policy against sharing anything ever without prior consent.

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